I’m Being Sold – How to Write a Convincing Sale Ad for an e-scooter or an e-bike?

You can’t see the forest for the sale ads!
This is how most potential buyers feel after they took the first step and entered an online marketplace for second-hand e-bikes and e-scooters, and encounter post after post of identical ads.

Selling e-bikes or e-scooters is not rocket science, but you should put in some thought into the text of the ad – just so you can stand out and nobody misses you while scrolling the feed down to the next ad.

We’ve collected a few golden tips for an especially perfect ad…

Animating the e-scooter or e-bike

Do you know the “Plug and Outlet” characters in the electricity company commercials, or the funny sketches featuring “Nir and Gali”?
Sure, everybody knows it! Here’s a short reminder – the alarm clock (which is peacefully asleep) rings and wakes itself up, simultaneously yelling: “Shuli, my bro, wake up…”
Based on the same concept, you can animate your scooter or bike – and speak in the voices in the intro to the ad, for example;

Hey, my brothers, I’ve carried Yossi long enough; enough is enough, I’m bored.
I’m selling my owner, and looking for someone to replace him…

An ad which emphasizes your personal bond with your scooter or bike

True, it’s just a vehicle which carries you from A to B, and that is the extent of your relationship. But here you also have a chance to get imaginative and write a cool ad, describing your two-wheeler as a loyal friend, for example;

It’s not him, it’s me! and now, reluctantly, we are splitting up.
A beautiful electric bike is looking for a partner to share rides with in the busy city streets.
(add a technical description of the vehicle here);

I’m settling down to start a family, which forces me to switch to a four-wheeler. But, I’ll be back again…


A song reference

For those of you who dig a good song, this next tip is for you. Shake up your song database and find a nice tune which can be turned into a cool intro to your ad, for example;

The wind beneath my wings, Ride like the Wind;

Gotta Keep on Moving, Keep on Moving;

Ticket to Ride, Let Me Ride;

The Way She Rides…

(followed by the technical specifications)


How about a famous quote?

Yes, sometimes you can shine with an entertaining brilliant statement or insight about life. This way, potential buyers will have a laugh and remember your ad. For example;

Einstein said: “Life is like riding a bicycle; To keep your balance you must keep moving.” Makes sense! I’m selling an e-bike, which will help you keep your balance in life; These are the details…

There’s a chance they’ll tell their friends they just bought a bike from that smart ass Einstein.


Good Luck!