Smart Purchase of an electric bike or scooter

The electrical two-wheeler market is growing every year, mostly in the big cities which are getting more and more crowded. The advantage these vehicles have in traffic is getting more and more pronounced in light of the congested roads, parking shortage, and costs of parking garages which is sky rocketing.

There are nearly 500,000 electric two-wheeler riders in Israel today, who have all discovered the wonderful benefits that come with a light and convenient vehicle which transports them from A to B quickly and easily. Riding an electric scooter or bike does indeed save time, since it allows you to bypass traffic and saves you the hassle of finding a parking spot.

What’s right for me? Tips for purchasing an electric two-wheeler

You may purchase an e-bike or e-scooter new or second-hand, and in both cases you should examine a few functional parameters, to help you make an accurate choice and buy the best two-wheeler for your needs and lifestyle.

  • Budget
    First and foremost, you should decide on a budget. Once you set that, it will be easier for you, and the sales assistant, to focus on realistic choices within your budget.
    Just for your information, as of early 2021, the range of prices for a new e-bike or e-scooter is 1,500-30,000 NIS.
    The price range for second-hand vehicles is 500-15,000 NIS.

To check the value of an e-bike or e-scooter, you are welcome to enter the specifications in the designated calculator, and receive an immediate estimate of its realistic market value.

  • Weight
    One of the important parameters you need to consider is the vehicle’s weight; Indeed, there are big differences between vehicles. This factor is important mostly for people who intend to carry the vehicle into an office or up the stairs to an apartment, and find out quickly how significant this element is. Having said that, if you do not intend to carry the vehicle on a daily basis, the weight is insignificant for you.
  • Wheel Width
    This factor has an effect on the stability of the vehicle. The wider the wheel, the bigger the friction with the road or gravel road, and the higher the stability.
  • Brakes

Every e-bike and e-scooter has back brakes; this is in fact the default. Luxurious models might have front brakes too, which provide extra braking.
The upgraded model, with the extra brakes, is obviously safer, and therefore also more expensive.

  • Electric scooters Board
    This factor is only relevant for e-scooters, with boards of varying width available on the market. You should be aware that the wider the board, the more stable the rider will be.
  • Upright position or seated position

The choice between an e-bike or e-scooter is obviously derived on the basis of all the parameters specified so far, however it is important to note another aspect of rider safety. Generally, you might say that a seated position, as in an e-bike, allows the rider more control over the vehicle, than an upright position.