How to conduct a negotiation wisely when buying an electric bike or electric scooter?

You’ve mulled it over and over and reached the inevitable conclusion that this is it; You’re going to go for it – or more precisely ride on it and go for second hand. Now you just have to find the e-scooter or perhaps e-bike that you had in mind, the one that takes you to work in the morning, and to hang out with the guys in the evening (don’t drink, if you drive ?).

This guide will broaden your horizons about this unique niche of e-bikes and e-scooters, and help you take your first steps in the electric two-wheeler scene, so you can reach out to a seller with the right negotiation approach.
Ready? Set go…

Let’s check what’s on offer in the market these days

To get a feel of the market, learn the lingo, and generally paddle a little in the two-wheeler pool, visit second-hand websites, and start following the posts and correspondence between sellers and buyers.

How much is the e-scooter or e-bike worth?

Did you know there hundreds of thousands of electric bike and scooter riders on the Israeli roads?! But, if you asked any of them how much their two-wheeler is worth, you will most likely get a vague answer (and look at you as if you were a prankster ?).
The reason is that since this is a relatively new market, a price list has only lately started being determined, like the one that is available for cars, which allows riders to enter the specifications of the vehicle they are interested in buying into an online platform and receive an immediate clear price indication from the calculator, which is based on 10 parameters.

To check the value of the vehicle you are interested to buy, enter the information into the iLoop Platform calculator, and get an immediate answer.

Test Ride

Put your embarrassment aside and remember this is in fact a motor vehicle whose function will be to transport you safely from one place to the next. Therefore, every check is critical, and it is highly recommended to demand a test ride from the seller.
Another recommendation is to stop by a two-wheeler store on your test ride and ask the professional there to inspect the vehicle for you.


Questions You Should Ask

The information you manage to retrieve is essential for the success of the negotiation with the seller:

  • Is the e-scooter or e-bike still under manufacturer warranty?
    The warranty is normally valid for a year after purchase. The significance of such warranty is that it provides repair services as part of the insurance terms.
  • Has the vehicle been in use over the last six months?
    It should be noted that an electric two-wheeler is powered by a rechargeable battery which runs out during the ride. Lack of use may lead to the battery losing its capacity.
    Furthermore, about half the value of the e-bike or e-scooter comes from the battery; So, if the vehicle was not in use for an extended time, it is very likely to decrease in value, and therefore in price.
  • How many kilometers in total?
    Another number which gives an indication of the extent of use, which, like in the case of other vehicles, should reflect in the price.


The information you gather based on this guide will help you approach the seller with some knowledge and understanding of what to look for and allow you to conduct your negotiation wisely and fairly.

We wish you a good purchase and a safe ride!